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Nashville Armory Live Fire Simulator

Paper targets are a thing of the past, come experience the future of indoor shooting!

Nashville Armory’s Live Fire Simulator is a new and dynamic shooting experience. Use your own firearm with real bullets to shoot a variety of live action interactive. Improve your skills in target and accuracy drills or compete against a friend in decision-based scenarios, battleships and carnival shoots!

  • Uses your personal firearm with LIVE AMMO
  • No modifications needed to your firearm
  • User friendly touchscreen interface
  • Electronic scoring in real time
  • Moving and static targets
  • Make sure you bring extra magazines!!

The Team - Nashville Armory contracted with Action Target of Provo, Utah to design and install the most technologically advanced range in the country. The climate-controlled bays provide shooters with a comfortable and clean shooting environment year round.

Engineering - Our indoor range consists of two bays (16 total lanes) with a maximum target distance of 75 feet. Both bays are equipped with Action Target's industry leading Total Containment Trap, Baffling System, and Clear View Bulletproof Glass Stalls. The heated and air-conditioned bays feature state-of-the-art ventilation, and vacate more than 75 cubic feet of air/minute providing you with cool, clean air year round while avoiding air contamination associated with most indoor ranges.

Targetry - While both bays include fully automated Mancom targeting systems, the executive bay is also equipped with wireless touchpad retrievers. The wireless system includes turning and spinning targets allowing for in-house competitions and dynamic shooting.

Armament - Our bays will handle whatever you can throw at them with a handgun or shotgun. The executive bay has been additionally engineered to accommodate high power rifles up to but not including .50BMG.

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