Raise Money for Your Charity or Organization at the Nashville Armory

Raise $10,000 = $20,000 - $30,000

Nashville Armory believes in giving back to the community. Let us help you with your fundraising efforts. Are you bored with your traditional old fundraising methods? Looking for something different and exciting to raise money for a great cause? Let us help you put the “FUN” back in Fundraising!

Having a shooting range fundraiser is a great idea for groups and a great way to raise money for your organization of choice. It doesn’t matter the skill level of participants, we specialize in designing a course of fire that accommodates all shooters and experience levels. Raise money with a fun and entertaining activity for all involved.

Contact our event coordinator  for more information.

Nashville Armory Provides

Charity/Fundraising Provides

  • Event manager
  • NRA certified instructors
  • Classroom/lounge
  • Discounts for catering
  • Safety video
  • Targets, eye & ear protection
  • Send e-mails to customers (4,000)
  • Donate items for silent auction

Items for silent auction

Corporate sponsors

Lane sponsorship

Team members

“Regardless of your shooting skills, you will find this event to be fun and rewarding. You will want to come back!”
Gary Semanchik- President, Nashville Armory

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